Sunday, April 6, 2014

You don't Know Anything


Scientists tell us that to keep our brain working we should not let it sit idle. One needs to continue to keep learning. For the same reason we keep children from watching too much TV. Even babies are encouraged to not watch TV. It's a passive activity.

As the years go, years are added to lives---yours as well as children's. A time comes when the child says, Mom/Dad, you don't know anything.The world is changing, it's not the same when you were a child.

Yet, you have to be a step ahead of the youngsters and eventually, you give in and accept defeat.


You don't Know Anything

inadvertently = unintentionally, without meaning to

Twelve-year-old, Sapna opened the computer in her room and signed into her account. She punched a few keys., the screen lit up bringing her the information she sought. Sapna worked for half an hour, and pushed a button inadvertently and the screen went blank. She punched some keys, but the screen remained blank. 

Sapna ran out of her room, "Bhaiya, I need help, Bha...iya....." There was no answer from Sagar.

Mom answered from her room, "What is it Sapna? Sagar has gone out with his friends, maybe I can help you."

Sapna shrugged, "I guess you can. I wish Bhaiya was here, he knows this computer inside out."

Mom came to Sapna's room, "Sweetheart, that he does. A couple of years ago Dad taught us how to use the computer, and now he teaches Dad."

"Yeah, he's so smart and you guys don't know anything."

"I beg your pardon, young lady?" Mom raised her eyebrows.

"Mom, I meant, you don't know anything about computers." Sapna said as she looked at Mom from the corner of her eyes. 

Mom said, "I understand what you meant, sweetheart." Mom pressed a few keys, the screen stayed dark. She turned off the surge protector, "Now Sapna, count till twenty."

Sapna said, "Okay, one, two..I never know why we need this multiple plug strip, Mom."

"It protects the computer from the voltage spikes by shorting or blocking to ground the unwanted voltages above the safe threshold."


"All it means is that it keeps the computer and other gadgets from blowing up!"

"Blowing up?"

"Keeps it working."

"Hunh? I'll ask Bhaiya. Anyway, I hope this works, my paper is due tomorrow."

Mom smiled as she turned on the switch, "We'll soon know."

Sapna sat at the humming computer, "It works! Mom, how did you know this?"

"I am trying to keep up with my smart children."

Sapna resumed her work at the computer, "Mom, you are the greatest, thanks."

Mom patted Sapna's back, "I don't know how long I can keep up with your young brains, sweetheart."

Sapna looked up at Mom and smiled, "Forever, Mom, forever."

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah


  1. This was fun! Maybe also add in a more conceptual explanation for: "the voltage spikes by shorting or blocking to ground the unwanted voltages above the safe threshold." - that's pretty confusing!

  2. Thank you dear reader. I made it simpler for you and other who do

    Thank you dear reader. I wrote a couple of more lines to make it simpler. Meera