Monday, May 5, 2014

One Special Day


I have a post ready to roll with words-fun, but a special day comes first.

All the moms are walking on cloud nine these days. Why? They are looking forward to Mother's Day! Perhaps a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates. Maybe a beautifully made card by a child's loving hands. Some may get a gift card towards a makeover, a spa or something, just for them, they don't have to share! Let's not forget a special home made meal or eating out! Maybe a piece of pretty jewelry. (I know, there are Dads who take care of children and cook meals way better than the some Moms, but we're talking about Mother's Day, so, let's not digress.)

Happy Mother's Day!


One Special Day for Mom

The six-year-old twins, Suchi and Soori ran to their ten-year-old sister, Sapna's room. 

Suchi said, "Didi, I want you to help me fix my picture for Mother's Day. See how my hands are giving the flowers to Mom? I drew the colorful flowers but can't draw the hands."

Sapna took the drawing, "Hmmm...lets' see. I see what you mean."

Soori said, "I drew the whole picture myself but I can't draw my eyes and my nose in the picture. My eyes look crossed and the nose is crooked."

Suchi said, "That's because you are cross-eyed and your nose is not straight. You draw what you see."

Soori said, "Stop trying to make me mad! If my eyes are crossed and my nose is crooked then yours are too. We are identical twins. So Ha!"

Sapna gave the picture back to Suchi after fixing it, "Twins, stop the argument. You are both fine and equally annoying." She returned Soori's picture after fixing it.

Suchi gave her a hug, "Didi, annoying or not, you still..."

Soori completed the sentence while hugging Sapna, "Love us."

Fourteen-year-old Sagar, their older brother came to the room, "Hey, what's with this hug-a-thon ?" He continued, "Don't tell me. Your Didi helped you with something."

The twins showed him the pictures.

He said, "Nice, Mom will love these pictures."

Suchi said, "Didi, what are you giving Mom for Mother's day?"

Soori asked, "And Bhaiya, what are you giving?"

Sapna said, "Something special."

Sagar said, "We're thinking of giving her something for the whole year."

Sapna sair, "Do you understand a year? It's all twelve months, from this May until April next year."

Suchi said, "The year starts in January."

Sapna said, "Right, then all the months from January to December."

Sagar said, "I am giving her a certificate that says, 'I will vacuum the whole house once week for the whole year'."

Sapna said, "And I am giving her certificate that says, 'I'll do the dishes and empty the dishwasher for the whole year'."

Soori said, "Then what will she do? What will Dad do?"

Suchi said, "They can hire someone to do the cleaning."

Soori said, "How will she get her exercise if she does not vacuum or do the dishes?"

Sapna said, "They can go for a walk together after dinner or join a health club."

Suchi said, "That's a great idea, giving Mom a gift for the whole year, not just for a day."

Soori said, "Can we also help and put our names on your certificates?"

Sapna and Sagar exchanged glances.

Sagar said, "Sure kiddos, you can do that or you can give her your own certificates."

Suchi said, "You are doing all the work."

Soori said, "There is nothing left for us to do."

Sapna said, "Sure there is. You can always put away your toys, books and clothes before you go to sleep."

The twins looked at each other and shrugged.

Sagar said, "What do you say?"

The twins paused for a couple of seconds, Soori said, "Okay, help us make the certificate..."

Suchi said, "That says we'll clean up our toys, books and clothes, after we're done, for one whole year!"

Sagar said, "She's going to say, this is the best Mother's Day gift ever."

Sapna added, "From all of us!"

The twins smiled as they made a circle with their siblings by holding hands.

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

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