Friday, July 18, 2014

You Need it in Peace but Not in War


The English language is funny; not funny as in ha-ha funny, but different; not different as in you are different than I am, but it makes no sense; again, makes no sense does not mean it has no meaning but it's different. Do you get it? No...I am not giving you anything but do you understand?
That's how this language is and yet it has so many rules, and it is often spoken without following the rules completely or partially. Some rules are easy to forget if you are not a native speaker and did not start with English in your preschool, but you say you  think in English. Well, if someone throws water at your sleeping body in the middle of the night, and the first words that fall out of your mouth are in English, then you think in English!

Ha, today's blogpost is not about the rules in English at all, but just a little quiz, solved after the first sentence by 99% of readers.


You Need it in Peace but Not in War

Thirteen-year-old, Sagar was doing his homework and his five-year-old, twin sisters, Suchi and Soori walked in.

Suchi said, "Bhaiya, what is p...u...t?"

Sagar said, "Put, as in put this book away."

Soori said, "Okay, what is b...u...t?

Sagar said, ""But, as in but I want you to eat this food right now and not later."

The twins pouted, "Awww..., he has heard these before. Let's get back to our room."

The twins left. 

Sagar smiled and welcomed his sister, nine-year-old, Sapna.

"Hey, sis, what is present in peace and not in war?"

Sapna said, "That's easy, it's happiness that's missing in war but found in peace."

"Nope. Try this. What's once in hell but twice in heaven?"

Sapna shrugged.

Sagar tapped his paper in hand, "Okay try this. Without it there would be no live, love, life, hope or friends."

Sapna crinkled her nose, "What is it, some sort of feeling? A letter? An emotion?"

Sagar said, "Feeling and emotion are the same, but yeah, something like that, you said it."

Sapna mumbled, "Feeling, emotion, a letter? I got it!"


"Ask me more and I'll tell you."

Sagar looked at his paper, ""Okay, here it is, all emotional relations like Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Wife & Friends don't make sense without it."

Sapna smile, "Ha! I knew it. It's the letter 'E'"

Sagar smile, ""Right. You got it, sis."

Sapna said, "And I will tell you this... see, hear, smell, or taste as well as eye, ear, nose & tongue are lost and incomplete without an 'e'."

Sagar said, "Sapna, you are as smart as I am, now let me get back to my work. I give you an advice 'Go' without an 'e'."

Sapna also got up "Yeah, Bhaiya, your Eminence, I leave all the 'Ego' with you, I will just 'go'."

Sapna left.

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

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