Monday, August 11, 2014

It's All About You, Dr. Randy Pausch


Today's post is a conversation that the mother has with her older children, Sagar, 16 years and Sapna, 12 years.

In 2008 a writer, philosopher, Dr. Randy Pausch died of pancreatic cancer. His book, The Last Lecture, was a bestseller. I have taken his thoughts from the letter he left behind to his three children and wife.


It's All About You

Sixteen-year-old, Sagar came home from a jog on a Saturday morning.The exercise and the summer heat left him sweaty and breathless.

His sister Sapna was sitting in the kitchen with their twin sisters, eight-year-old, Suchi and Soori, eating cereal and milk.

Suchi covered her nose with a napkin, "Yuck, Bhaiya, you stink."

Soori also covered her nose.

Sapna said, "I don't know why you overdo it."

Sagar mopped his arms and neck and patted his belly, "Yeah, sure, you see this pot? I want to lose it in three weeks, before the school starts."

Sapna shrugged, "Maybe you should set a limit or something on your running."

Mom walked in with the four-year-old, Soham, trailing behind her. "Sapna is right. Dr. Rand Pausch, a philosopher, said, Don't over-do, keep your limits."

Still wiping his face, Sagar sat down, "Randy Pausch? Never heard of him."

Mom said, "He wrote some very valuable advice."

Suchi-Soori looked at each other, "Let's rearrange our desks, sorry mom, we are outta here." And they left before anyone could stop them.

Sapna got up, "Shall I grab them back? Why do they always get away? I hated it last week also, they ran away when it was their turn to empty the dishwasher, and also... "

Mom said, "No, let them be. Their time will come. Forget the issues of the past, they will ruin your present. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone."

Sagar said, "Yeah, Sapna stop hating your sisters. I don't hate anyone, but I am envious of these three girls who are so skinny."

Mom laughed, "They will also gain weight if they don't watch out about exercising but You Sir, stop being envious, you are in charge of your happiness. Envy is a waste of time."

Sagar rolled his eyes and plopped down with a bowl for cereal, "Sure, next you are going to say, you are here to learn." 

Mom said, "That's right son, don't take yourself too seriously, no one else does."

Sagar frowned and Sapna smiled. Sagar made a face at his sister, "Yeah, mom, next you are going to say, don't compare yourself with your sisters, You don't know what their journey is about."

Mom smiled and patted his shoulders, "That's right son, you got it, smile and laugh more. Invest your energy in the positive present moment." 

Sapna pushed her chair back, "That's right Bhaiya, get rid of your negative thoughts about things you can't control.  That's just me saying," She pushed her chair back to put her cereal-bowl in the sink.

Sagar leaned to pull Sapna's long braid, Sapna laughed and moved out of his reach.

Soham sat by Sagar to eat his cereal. Sagar put an arm around Soham, "Come on buddy, you are the only friend I have left in this wide world."

Soham smiled and they continued with their breakfast.

Mom also smiled and sat at the table to finish her  work.

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

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