Friday, November 7, 2014

Hiro and Tadashi


Partial or complete automation is coming everywhere. From buying tickets for a railroad trip to surgery and flying into the space.

Japan has for long delved in robotics.


Hiro and Tadashi

Eight-year-old twins, Suchi and Soori dashed into their older brother, Sagar's room.

"Bhaiya, take us to see this movie."

Suchi put a finger the picture of a robot hugging a little Asian boy. 

Sagar said, "How do you even know if it's a movie? You don't even have the movie section of the newspaper in your hands!" 

Soori said, "Yesterday we forgot to show you this sheet our teacher gave us."

Sapna joined the conversation, "Why would a teacher ask you to go to see a movie?"

Suchi said, "It's about a robot."

Soori added, "And the robots are going to take over the world."

Sagar said, "Are you two talking about the Disney film, Big Hero 6?"

Sapna said, "That's the one about a robot nurse who helps a 14-year-old feel better."

"Yep, that's the one when some bad people kill his brother."

Sagar took the sheet from one of twins and read, "See how a robotic nurse, Baymax helps 14-year-old, Hiro deal with the death of his older brother, Tadashi."

Sagar said, "You know Japan does not have as many people as India or China or even the USA. They have scientists who are making robots to help in stores, schools and even in hospitals. These robots sound and behave like humans. They sometimes show human emotions."

Sapna interrupted Sagar's lecture, "How can a robot show human emotions?" 

"It's programmed in the robot computers. I guess certain words and actions by humans trigger the computers to make the robot show emotions. I don't really know much about it."

Soori said, "We don't care how the robots show emotions, we want to see Big Hero 6."

The other twin asked, "So when are we going?"

"After we take Mom 'n Dad's permission to let you see this movie."

"Maybe this evening when they go to their meeting."

The twins yelled, "Yippee...robot we come!"

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

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