Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Starting my blog


I created this blog post a couple of years back with the help of my son and daughter. The post sat and sat until yesterday.

My grandfather, parents, uncle, brother, cousins, and son were and are teachers of various subjects. Most wrote books on their subjects. I also enjoy teaching. After my children were born, I learned the Montessori method to work with them. It reminded me of the Indian way of teaching- practical, phonics-based with lots of math and science.
When little children figured out how to read or add and reached that "Aha" moment, I floated on clouds. I was still teaching when Katrina made a landfall; it was too close to home. Children were confused; their parents asked me how to discuss the calamity with their kids.

I wrote, illustrated and published, And, Then came Katrina within two weeks of Katrina's landfall in Louisiana, in 2005. It helped parents help their children learn about hurricanes.

In addition, my two stories, COLORS and Andres, Do You Want to Play with Me? appeared in an e-zine, Stories for Children  in 2007. COLORS won the Best Story award that year. 

I write something everyday. Some stories get to the computer, some stay in my mind. They come from personal experiences and observations, from Indian mythology, Akbar-Birbal stories (clues and solutions from these stories help to solve little children's arguments). A few years ago I read in the newspapers about a winning race horse that broke its leg and the owners killed it. So I wrote a story about a race horse, again based on an Indian story, Rupa Haathi.

Please keep reading, I am going to put my stories on my blog at the start of each week.



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    1. Hi, Billy! Thanks for checking it out. Meera

  2. I learned new things about you, Meera, and I always enjoy that. I'm glad that you're still writing your Akbar-Birbal stories. I've always enjoyed those so much. Keep up the good work, my friend, and you'll soon have a busy place here.