Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Mama, I Want that Ball"


I keep forgetting, no matter how enthusiastic I may feel about writing something, I must wait till the following morning to accomplish it to avoid simple mistakes.

Today's short story is based on a story from the Indian mythology. Once prince Rama's disciple Hanuman, when he was a baby, wanted to play with a ball. He pointed to the moon and said, "Bah".

One year old Sapna also wanted to play with a ball.

Sapna Wants the Moon

Five-year-old Sagar said, “Ma, Sapna is so funny. She’s calling the moon bah, and wants to play with it.”

“Sweetheart, she’s just one year old.”

“I am going to get her the moon. Do you remember the Hanuman's story about the moon?”

Mom smiled, “I think she’d like that.”

Sagar said, “Okay, sis, let’s move your highchair right here.”

He pushed the highchair closer a window.

Sapna clapped as she looked up at the full moon in the sky.

“Ma, will you please keep an eye on Sapna while I get a bowl?”

“No problem.”

“Thanks.” Sagar climbed on top of a step-stool; he took out a steel bowl from a kitchen cabinet. He filled it with water.

A thumb in her mouth, Sapna watched as her brother carefully carried the bowl and placed it on a windowsill. He adjusted the bowl to get a reflection the moon in the water.

Sapna took the thumb out of her mouth and said, “Bah.” She put her hand in the water to grab the ball. The reflection broke. Sapna started to cry.

As soon as the water was still, the reflection returned to the bowl.

Sagar said, “Look, Sapna, the ball is in the bowl.”

Sapna tried to grab the ball again; the reflection broke. She waited for it to reappear.

She played with the bowl of water and the reflection of the moon until she fell asleep.

The End

© 2013, Meera Desai Shah


  1. I like this one, Meera. As soon as you get your formatting fixed, you'll be zipping along. Great job.

    1. Thanks, Clauds, I'll try to zip along. Meera

  2. Love it! Great start to your second (third?) career! (I think you're allowed to go back and edit previous posts, so no worries about the grammar, etc.)

    1. Thank you, Sameer. I hope your children enjoy reading the stories. Meera