Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Prettiest Baby In the World


All children are pretty, cute and lovable. Especially, to their parents. A mother always thinks that her baby's every gesture, every movement is adorable and not seen anywhere in the whole world. 

Today I bring you a story from Hindu mythology by way of the twins, Suchi and Soori. 


                                                    The prettiest Baby In the World

The six-year-old, identical twins, Suchi and Soori, came home from school crying.

“Johnny says his mom loves him the most.” Suchi said as she pushed open the door.

Mom looked up from her book and said, “He’s right, his mom loves him the most.”

“He said that his Mom told him he is the best looking child.” Soori complained.

“Well, sweetheart, she is right. He is the best looking child.”

“But you told us that we are the prettiest kids.”  Suchi whined tearfully.

"You said we are the most loved kids.” Soori said.

“Right again, you are my best loved, prettiest girls.” Mom said.

“But you said Johnny’s mom is right..” Suchi said.

Mom said, “I sure did. Now eat your snack and I’ll tell you a story from ancient India about the 

prettiest child.”

Mom put peanut butter on crackers with slices of oranges on the side. She slid two plates in front of the twins and started the story.

“Once upon a time a king named Indra asked his minister, ‘Narada, who has the prettiest baby?’

Suchi interrupted, “Mom, I know the story. I’ll tell it.”

Mom said, “Okay, we’re listening.”

Suchi said, “Listen up, Soori. There was a king named Indra in India.”

“Why in India and not the United States?” Soori asked.

“’cause, our country has no kings, India had tons of them. Now, please listen. Indra asked Narada to find the prettiest baby in the world."

"Who is Narada?" Soori asked.

"I don't know. He was just there. Narada said, 'That’s hard. I'll give you the answer this evening.'

And he left.

When Narada returned to King Indra, he said, ‘Here’s the mom who knows the answer.' 

Indra glanced at a mama monkey and her baby standing next to Narada,  'Narada, where is the mom and her baby?' 

Narada pointed at the mama monkey and her baby, 'Here they are.'

Indra said, 'Okay, mama monkey, who is the prettiest child in the whole wide world?’

Mama monkey pointed at her own baby and said, ‘Here she is.’

King Indra nodded. ‘Mama monkey, thank you for bringing the prettiest child. I reward you

with ten bananas.’

Mama monkey danced and jumped with her baby. The end.” Suchi said.

“That’s a cool story, Suchi.” Soori said.

Mom said, “All moms have the prettiest and the smartest children.”

Soori said, "How come I didn't know the story?"

Suchi shrugged.

The twins chanted, "We’re the prettiest and the smartest, la---la---la---"

The End

© 2013, Meera Desai Shah

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