Friday, August 30, 2013

Give it Back

Here we are again with a story based on a Birbal story when he caught a rich merchant who stole money from a poor oil-seller. 
In today's story, one of the five-year-old, twins finds a suspicious element in the other twin's tall story.
This story is for five and six year old children.

Give it Back

“Su------chi, give it back.” Five-year-old, Soori screamed.
“No way, it’s mine and you took it,” Suchi pointed a pencil at her twin.
“It’s mine.” Soori lunged and grabbed the free end of the pencil.
“Mine.” Suchi said as she held on to the pencil.
The twins continued to hold the peacock blue lead pencil.
The twins’ sister, nine-year-old Sapna entered the room, “If the pencil breaks, you’ll both lose,”
Soori let the pencil go, Suchi stumbled back, pencil held close to her heart.
“Didi, I got that pencil in a goody-bag at my friend’s birthday party,” Suchi whined.
“I was there too, and I am the one who got this color-pencil,” Soori said.
“It’s mine, and it’s peacock blue. You got everything else but this pencil.” Suchi said.
Sapna shifted the pillows, and then took a look under the bed. She said, “Look what I found?” She pulled out a peacock blue pencil from under the bed.
 “My pencil!” Soori said, diving towards Suneeti.
 “Didi, you’re smart like Birbal.” Suchi said.
 “Yep, Birbal solved problems in Emperor Akbar’s kingdom.” Soori said.
“Yeah, Didi, tell us that Akbar-Birbal story about the oil man ’n the rich guy.”
“Okay, only if there’s no screaming and fighting.”
 “We promise.”
Sapna sat cross-legged on the carpet between the two beds.
She got up right away.
“The carpet is sticky. Something spilled on it.” She said.
Suchi shrugged. “Didi, go on with the Birbal story please.”
Soori sprang up from the bed and went to the clothes hamper. She looked into it and fumbled around with some clothes in there. She picked up something and held it at her back. 
Soori came back to the beds, “Suchi, we both wore dresses after shower, why did you change into jeans?”
“I wanted to, that's why.” Suchi frowned.
“Suchi, we were supposed to eat ice cream when Didi and Bhaiya got home. You broke your promise.”
Suchi widened her eyes, “No, I did not.”
“I’ve got the proof; you ate the ice cream all by yourself.” Soori said.
“What proof, Soori?” Sapna asked.
Soori brought out a dress by its collar from her back. It looked just like the one she was wearing.
Suchi got up and said, “So? I like these jeans.”
Soori showed a big sticky stain on the dress, “How did you get this?"
Suchi shrugged, “I was hungry for some ice cream."
“Aha, I knew it.” Soori threw the dress back in the hamper.
“Soori, Birbal used a clue to find the oilman’s culprit, you found a clue on a dress.” Sapna said.
“And Didi, you found the pencil.” Suchi said.
“ Let’s celebrate with some ice cream, while waiting for Bhaiya.” Sapna said.
“Yeah!” The girls screamed as they ran to the kitchen.
“Didi, how did you know that we each had a pencil?” Suchi asked.
Sapna said, “Mom told me that she helped make the goody bags at your friend's house.”

The End

© 2013, Meera Desai Shah 

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