Monday, September 30, 2013

I Don't Want to Wear the Pink One


Altercations among children are common. Siblings are no exception.

In today's story, the twins, Suchi and Soori do not want the color of dresses they received as presents. The older sibling, 
Sapna offered to take both the dresses and put them together to make a dress for herself.

After some thinking and consultation, the twins came to a resolution.

This short story is about 6-7 year old children.


I don't want to wear the pink one

Didi = older sister
hushed tone = quiet voice
chimed = said

Suchi and Soori, the six-year-old, twins, argued with their mother about the new dresses that one of their aunts had sent them. 
Suchi said, "I don't want to wear this pink dress, I like purple, I want the purple one."
Mom said, "Your aunt looked for two dresses of the same color, but she found only these two---one purple and the other pink."
Soori said, "Mom gave this purple one to me. It's mine and I will not share it with anyone."
The twins' older sister, ten-year-old, Sapna said, "I wish I had a dress like this-pink or purple. I'd be happy with either one of them. "
Mom said, "Well, Sapna, if you like them, you can wear them. Your twin sisters certainly don't care for them, they're fighting over them."  
Sapna clapped, "Oh, goody, I get two new dresses." She picked up both the dresses.
Soori pouted, "You are too big for them, didi . They won't fit you."
"So? I can wear one up front and one at the back and clip them together."
Suchi frowned, "That would look silly."
"I don't mind it if it looked silly, I still get two new dresses. I like them and mom can help me put them together." Sapna put one dress on one shoulder and the other one on the other.
Suchi walked over to Soori and put a hand around her shoulder, "Soori, didi is going to take both our dresses."
Soori said, "Yeah, the dresses are ours, our aunt sent them to us., not to our didi."
The twins talked some more with each other in hushed tones. 
Mom and Sapna looked at each other, smiling.
The twins walked over to mom and their older sister, Suchi said, "Mom, we are keeping the dresses."
Soori said, "Yeah, didi can't have our dresses. She can tell aunt to send her a dress that fits her."
Suchi said, "That's right. If we keep the dresses, we get two dresses each."
Sapna asked, "How can that be? You want a different color than your sister."
Soori said, "Suchi can wear her purple dress and..."
"Yeah, and Soori can wear her pink one."
The twins chimed together, "And next week, we will exchange the dresses."
"Yeah, Soori will wear the purple dress, I will wear the pink one."
"And---we both have two new dresses." The twins said together.
Sapna gave the two dresses back to her twin sisters.
She gave a high-five to mom and went back to her room.
Mom helped the happy twins wear their new dresses.

The End

© 2013, Meera Desai Shah 

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