Saturday, September 6, 2014

Adults Don't Bite


Recently I heard that Memphis is very good for sports. This was deduced from the way we, (Yes, I live in Memphis, TN) support our basketball and football teams.

In this post, Sagar brings sports news from the computer and the youngest sibling Soham's sports experience together.


Adults Don't Bite

Sapna called out, "Bhaiya, you were supposed to keep an eye on Soham, not just pick him up from his soccer practice."

Sagar kept on reading on the computer, "Huh, what? Yes, Soham was fine at soccer. Didn't go beyond picking grass on the field. I paid more attention to the game, well, sort of a game."

Sapna dragged Soham with her by grabbing his arm, "I know, that's how you missed this note that came from his coach."

Sagar shot up from the computer, "A note? What does it say?" He snatched the note out of Sapna's hand and read it. He frowned.

Suchi-Soori walked in with their art work.

Sapna complained, "And you didn't see it?"

Sagar held Sohams' right arm and looked at it, "Hmm, the coach says the skin didn't break, so no action taken."

Suchi asked, "What are you looking at?"

"Bite marks."

Soori said, "Soham bit his own arm?"

Sapna said, "N...O.... some other kid bit him. Thankfully it left just bite marks, no bleeding."

Suchi said, "What did Soham do to the guy to bite him? Soori, remember that time when in preschool a kid bit you and he was put in timeout?"

Soori said, "Silly, it wasn't me, YOU were bit by Tommy in our preschool. And he had to sit on the thinking chair for four minutes."

Sagar said, "The biters have their own hidden reasons for biting."

Sapna said, "I guess they bite because that's how they deal with their frustrations. And in your school, you got a timeout according to your age. Four years, four minutes' timeout.""

Sagar said, "Yeah, unless you are an adult then you get thrown out."

Suchi said, "Adults don't bite."

Soori asked, "Thrown out of what? School? Grownups go to work... "

Suchi added, "And you can't get thrown out of work."

Sapna said, "But you can get fired."

Sagar picked up Soham, "Guys, come on down to the computer. I was reading a story about a grownup biting another grownup?"

Sapna-Suchi-Soori screamed, "WHAT?"

All five gathered around the computer.

Sagar opened a page to soccer, "Yep, this is an old news about a game between Uruguay and Italy during World Cup Soccer (Football)."

Suchi wondered, "What kind of cup was it? It has to be big if it's a world cup."

Soori said, "Silly, it must be a huge cup for the winners, not for the whole world."

"Oh, like the ones we get after our games."

Sagar said, "Girls, listen to what happened. There's Uruguay team's striker, Luis Suarez. He bit the Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini. This is the third time he bit."

Suchi said, "The Italian guy should learn to keep away from him if he was bitten twice before by this Luis guy."

Sapna said, "Silly, he didn't bite the same guy three times. He bit three people on three different occasions."

One twin asked, "Did he get thrown out of the game?"

The other twin said, "He must have been put on a bench, how old was he? It must have been lots of minutes' timeout."

Sagar got up, "Girls, stop letting your minds go wild. He was banished from playing World Cup for four months."

"Four months?"

"Yeah, that's a lot of minutes."

Sagar and Sapna shook their heads.

Soham raised four fingers, " I am four."

Everyone laughed.

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

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