Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What We Value the Most


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Children as well as adults lose things that they value -- a special book, a toy, or a piece of jewelry. No everything can go in a bank vault, some things have to stay in a bag, in your home or in your pocket!

The following conversation occurs between two siblings, ages 12 and 16. 


What We Value the Most

Sapna sat in the den with her eight-year-old twins, playing a game of dominos. She looked up from their game.

Their brother Sagar entered the den with a very red face. He threw one shin-guard in the hallway along with his soccer shoes. He said, "Again, my one shin guard went missing at the soccer field."

His sister asked, "You played without a shin guard? Isn't that dangerous?" 

"Not dangerous, just not very good for my shins, and yes, my leg could get seriously hurt."

Sapna retorted, "Then why don't you take care of your shoes, socks and the shin guards? You are not our four-year-old brother, Soham. Someone always has to keep an eye on him and his belongings."

"Yeah, sure. Thats easier said than done." 

Sapna got up from her game, "Okay, my big Bhaiya, I am going to tell you a story mom told me about losing my friends."

"A story from our mom? She's always telling us lessons in life."

Sapna said, "This one may help you save something."

"Okay. What was the story?"

"Here it is. There was a guy who got tired of misplacing the pen or just losing it. He learned to keep only a cheap pen in his pocket. He got tired of his carelessness."

"So? He should not carry a pen."

Sapna shook her head, "And when he needs a pen? He did not like to borrow."


Sapna continued, "A friend suggested he should carry only the most expensive pen in his pocket. And so the man bought a 22 carat gold Cross pen."

Sagar said, "And he didn't lose the pen.?

Sapna said, "You guessed it bhaiya. The lesson is, if you value something, you take care of it."


"Bhaiya, if you really value your game of soccer, you'll take care of your things. Mom told me this evening that if you lose one more shin guard, that's the last game you play."

Sagar said, "If I don't wear shin guards, I don't get to play. Guess what? I did not throw away the second shin guard the last time I lost its pair. I value playing soccer,  I will take care of my shin guards."

Sapna smiled, "Good for you. Or Bhaiya, you find a game where you don't need any extra equipment!"

Sagar came over to his younger sister and patted her on her head, "Yes, my wise sister, the lesson will be remembered. What I want to know is how in the world do you lose a friend? "

Sapna smiled, "I used to lose them by getting my feelings hurt at what they did. I learned to value my friends by letting small things go."

"Good for you, sis."

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

If we value our health, we are careful about what we eat.

If we value our friends, we treat them with respect.

If w value money, we take care of our spending.

If we value time, we don't waste it.

If we value relationship, we don't break it.

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  1. Love this one! Now, shin guards wrap under the foot, so he'd better not lose his next pair! Glad Sapna now has friends.