Friday, December 5, 2014

Engineering Marvels


I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Today's post is also about 'inventions', engineering marvels.


Engineering Marvels

Twelve-year-old, Sapna brought the article about re-inventions back to her 16 year old brother, Sagar, "Bhaiya, only one more re-inventions seems cool, the rest are just okay."

Sagar asked, "Oh, yeah, which one did you like?"

"This one, it's about an LED light installed in the the socket cover it self! In the evening it senses the darkness and lights up! Look at this cool picture,"

Sagar said, "I know, I saw it, but see there are some engineering marvels."

The twins joined the older siblings, "Can we also see them? Please?"

"Absolutely, see. Here is the biggest Solar Power ship, and this is really cool, a bowl made of chocolate! You eat the bowl and the contents!"

Suchi said, "Didi, let's make this chocolate bowl!"

Sapna looked at the picture, "Yep, it's doable. But let's look at a couple more of these marvels.'

Sagar scrolled down the computer screen, "Here is a cool chopping board for mom's kitchen -- it can tell you if the vegetables are clean or not! It can give you the step-by-step recipes, weigh the correct amount and the works -- well, it does not cook the veggies. Oh, there is this one about a cool tree house and the solar public lights in India somewhere, and ah, this one is about the the best car there is, a dome car, see!"

"Wow, Bhaiya, will you drive this car?"

"Ha, not a chance. I am happy if I get mom's or dad's old car when I get my proper licence."

"Will you give us a ride?"

"Sure, everyday."

The End


© 2014, Meera Desai Shah





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