Monday, December 8, 2014

Heart to Heart


The four siblings have a heart to heart talk in today's post.


Heart to heart

The six-year-old twins brought a magazine to Sagar's room, "Bhaiya, tell us, what does this say about a blue whale? There's also a tennis ball with a hand around it."

Sagar read the captions, "It says that a blue hale has the largest heart, weighing more than 1500 pounds and a hand squeezing a tennis ball is the ..." 

"We weigh thirty six pounds each."

"Girls, 1500 pounds is the weight of a whale's heart and the hand around a tennis ball says the heart works as heart as the energy it takes to squeeze a tennis ball."

Suchi said, "That's good, that's all about a heart, now tells us what is this about a choir?"

Their brother laughed, "Okay, a Swedish Research team has discovered that when a choir sings their hearts synchronize--they beat at the same time."

Soori said, "What, again about a heart? Okay, what about these laughing children?" 

Sagar nodded, "Well, when you laugh, 20% more blood flows through the body, relaxing the blood vessels, making the heart healthy."

"What? Again the heart? We don't want to read it." Suchi threw the magazine in Sapna's lap and the twins left the room."

Sapna read on, "Bhaiya, don't you let some damsel break your heart, because that trauma will make your body release a stress hormone that will make your heart mimic a heart attack."

"Okay, I'll remember that. What else does it say about the human heart?"

Sapna said, "Here's something about the first heart transplant."

"Ha, I know that. Dr. Christian Barnard of South Africa did the first heart transplant and the patient lived for 18 days."

Sapna nodded, "Right. This is really interesting, as long as a heart receives a blood supply, it keeps beating even outside the body with its own electric impulse! Cool, yeah?"

Sagar said, "Yeah, real cool. Now let's cut it short, give me just a couple of facts okay?"

Sapna, "Okay, okay, big boss... I could throw this paper at you and let you read it yourself. But I am being a good sister and a friend so I tell you a couple of things."

Sagar made a face, "Thanks."

"Okay then, number one, even the three thousand year old mummies had heart attacks...go figure their stress. And second fact, during one's lifetime a heart will pump enough blood to fill 200 train cars! And the last one, the heart spends enough energy pumping to make a truck drive 20 millions miles, equivalent of a distance to the moon  and back!"

Sagar said, "Thank you Sapna, that was enlightening. I think the mummies had the stress of building their pyramids. Now, back to my homework."

Sapna tossed the paper on his table, "Go to your homework stress free and in peace, dear Bhaiya."

She left the room.

The End

© 2014, Meera Desai Shah

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